Visual Media

Screenshot with Knot Today short. Credited for pipeline, layout, and compositing.
Knot Today
Texas A&M Visualization summer course collaboration with Disney Animation. Given 12 weeks and a team of 6, we were asked to complete a 30 second kite themed animation.
Tools: Maya, Nuke

Mushy's Mirror
Digital compositing assignment completed in a team of 3 (Texas A&M Visualization, VIZA 665).
Tools: Maya, Nuke

Alyssa Peña
Big Data Engineer

I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a M.S. in Visualization from Texas A&M. Outside of work, I am participating in Georgia Tech's Online Master of Science Computer Science program to further my knowledge in Explainable AI and computer science fundamentals. In my free time I create traditional artwork, run, bike ride, and explore new places.